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How to get in touch with the Exmouth Running Club.

Contact us We would love to hear from you! You are welcome to visit us on Facebook here. How about join us at Exmouth Running Club on Strava - click here. Follow us on Instagram

Thursday evening club challenge

Time to ramp it up with a VO2 Threshold fun session

Thursday Evening Run Challenge & Social These sessions aim at improving running VO2 max and are ideal for everyone! Each week we put on a free to join session where runners work to 80% or 90% max of their individual level. The exercise is designed to be fun and all runners work to their own target. As these runs are designed to be a shorter distance no one gets left behind so when the session starts each person does his or hers best that's right for them - the main take away is enjoyment! Club Social To reward your efforts we meet after at the BEACH PUB EXMOUTH for a drink and a chat. Not for you? Why not join us at the social for a chat and a drink? Interested? Click here to join and take part All runs led by England Athletics qualified leaders in running fitness. All runs start with a recommended warm up session and end in a cool down session. The Exmouth Running Club is free to join and we ask anyone who wishes to run with us to register using the link above. Once registered you can book any advertised runs or group of runs. Looking forward to meeting you!

Karen Jones

Leadership in Run Fitness English Athletics

Meet Karen Karen is our newest member of the Exmouth running club and runs our regular "Return to running" group currently on Thursday mornings. "Late 2018 I took up running after losing 4 stone. It didn't come naturally but I was determined. I now love to run for myself, I'm not as competitive as some just against myself." "I enjoy nothing more than seeing people overcome the negative voices in their head and achieve. You don't need go further or faster than anyone other than yourself."

Exmouth Running Club Catchup

It's been a manic few days getting things smoothed out since our leader ended up in hospital.

The March update Last Thursday our leader Kevin Palmer became quite poorly and is currently recovering so cannot undertake the day to day running of our club or organising the runs we do for the time being. It's been amazing the amount of love and support being shown by those around who know Kev from the wider Exmouth community and other health and fitness clubs in the area - thank you! Kev's family would like to thank you all individually for your thoughts & kindness We all wish him a speedy recovery I am sure! So where does it leave the ERC? Well Kev's number two Derek Johnson will be stepping up to run the club during Kev's absence and ensuring the club is run to the standards Kev has set. All runs will continue as before - there's never an excuse to slack that training! We run regular weekly session for runners keen to expand their horizons and welcome new members from other clubs too who might enjoy the odd session with the ERC. These club sessions are free and come in a range of colours: Monday evening steady 8km to 10km (great for those runners able to do a steady 10k) Thursday morning return to running (ideal for new runners or those returning) Thursday evening threshold session (great to improve overall fitness & social afterward) Saturday morning Park Run warm up session (does what it says on the tin) If you fancy joining in the fun simply visit the link below and we look forward to seeing you! https://exmouthrunningclub.uk  

Exmouth's FREE to join running club

Join Exmouth Running Club on one of their weekly FREE to join running sessions aimed at improving your running performance, health and general fitness.

Exmouth Running Club Free Runs Our club runs are free to join and cater for a wide range of running abilities. We welcome runners from all backgrounds who are dedicated to improving performance and their personal running goals whatever they may be from ultra running to the weekly Parkrun. Always FREE Our club running sessions are FREE OF CHARGE - it's our way to give back to the community of Exmouth - we love running so why not share our passion with you! Membership to the Exmouth Running Club is FREE - just turn up to a run - we welcome members from all other running clubs and groups too.

Exmouth Running Club Tee Shirts and Running Clothes

Join the Exmouth Running Club and wear our logo with pride by choosing a range of technical clothing designed by runners for runners.

Exmouth Running Club Clothing Be one of the early adopters of fashion house ERC with one of our superb performance running tee shirts. To get us off the ground we are not charging a penny profit - our suppliers get it all - hey, they're local and we support local companies! Take a look at the shop here: https://exmouthrunningclub.uk

About Exmouth Running Club

Exmouth Running Club was founded in 2022 in Exmouth, Devon for runners wishing to progress and expand their personal abilities and achieve their running goals.

Welcome to the Exmouth Running Club Founded in 2022 from a love for running we have built the club to be a free to entry running club. We don't do anything else - just running and membership is made up of a wide and varied selection of people including those already in other running groups in the area. Come & Meet Exmouth running club The Exmouth Running Club is a community funded project for the people of Exmouth and provides a completely *free, safe, fun, friendly, and non-judgemental environment geared toward improving fitness, making new friends and runner training plans to help you achieve your goals in accordance with England Athletics best practice. England Athletics Run Leaders all hold licences issued by England Athletics and have full BDS and insurance. Our aim is to provide a free service for the community, funded by the community to help get our community happier, healthier and provide a safe environment for people to enjoy friendship and exercise. *Club runs are always free to join and some optional organised courses we may offer are paid for on booking. Our ethos is to encourage you to become the person you want to be and lead a long, healthy and happier life through promoting the positive benefits of exercise to not just your health or weight but also to bring about a positive change to mental wellbeing. Running with a club can help you achieve your aims through positive peer example - the recipe is simple - you want to run with friends! Already in a health or running group? We actively encourage membership to a wider range of groups simply because we are here to help you become the best you that you can be and other clubs offer a different menu - you don't eat the same food night after night right? To be truly for our community we support all other clubs in that community. Hey - we are free so why not simply come to a club run and try us out! (links open a new browser window) To book on a free run click here For more information on our running club and England Athletics click here Do please "like" us on Facebook and share  You can now follow us on Instagram too Join us on Strava

Derek Johnson

Leadership in Run Fitness English Athletics licence number 3866247

Meet Derek Club coffee boy supporting Kevin Palmer I have always been a runner, from school through the services. I have competed in such events as Run to the Rock, Gibraltar, Joint Services Snowdon Challenge and many more, eventually qualifying June 2019 as a Run Leader via England Athletics. As a run leader I have undertaken many new runners 5K courses, 5K improver courses, 5k to 10k improver courses and have worked for over a year and half through Covid Lockdown on a one to one project with a runner whom has special needs and they have now become a very capable runner and active club member with something in common to us all - we all love running regardless of ability, background or social boundary! Everyone gets older and let's face it - the older I get the faster I was but I have never really fallen out of love with running save for a few weeks here and there when injury or bad luck struck.  I see Exmouth running club as a catalyst to not only get people out running and with it improve their fitness and wellbeing but also to help and encourage people, who like myself, from time to to time just fall out of love with running. Believe & Achieve!

The Exmouth Running Club Photograph Gallery

A collection of photographs recording the activities of the Exmouth Running Club a FREE to join running group based in Exmouth Devon.

The family Album A few snaps from the free club runs and general things we get up to...

Running clubs and groups in Exmouth Devon

A full list of organised runs in and around Exmouth organised by Exmouth Running Club. Club runs are free and some courses have a small charge which is how we s

Club Diary Exmouth running club list of forthcoming runs. Club runs are always free and every Saturday morning we put on a totally free to attend pre-Parkrun warmup to get you ready for the Exmouth 5K Parkrun.  

Exmouth Running Club Diary

ERC Club runs are community funded free to join runs and social activities aimed at runners who want to achieve a little more from fitness to speed and meet oth

What's On And When Are you a runner living in or around Exmouth, Devon and looking for a way to train to improve your running or meet new like-minded runners then Exmouth Running Club is FOR YOU! Our weekly club runs are free of charge and are a series of challenges designed specifically to improve performance and all round fitness and are led by qualified England Athletics run leaders. REGISTER & JOIN US HERE

Exmouth Running Club Inaugural Run Thursday 4th August 2022

On a rather warm Thursday 4th August the newly formed Exmouth Running Club undertook their inaugural run.

From humble seeds come great oaks On Thursday evening 4th August a few of us met up down by Rockfish on Exmouth seafront to  mark the start of the Exmouth Running Club and it was a warm one. Our leader Kev Palmer undertook a meet and retreat session geared toward all abilities out toward Mud Bank lane and back roughly around 5K in total before retiring to celebrate the start of something special at the Beach Pub with family and friends - thank you Maisie for reserving a table to hold us all and Lisa's friend for flying in from Canada for the occasion (probably not just for this but you were very welcome anyway). It was a touching occasion to feel the energy of the group and the enthusiasm of our friends and family. Something we hope we will share with you all in the years to come. Post run is always a great time for a chat about how everyone is doing and also to get valuable feedback on how we are doing as a club - we are here for you so we value feedback to help us improve on what we offer. Our club is nothing without its members so thank you all who joined us to "try us out" last night and the valuable feedback we received from you. Today - Friday 5th August marks the opening of our social media page on Facebook - a chance to reach the community of Exmouth with our humble club and encourage positive change across the board. We really do look forward to meeting you all in time! Thank YOU to all who joined us to run and to help us celebrate this occasion! Exmouth Running Club

Are you a little worried about joining a strange new running club?

You really want to join a running club but you're probably feeling worried, nervous, shy or maybe even scared that you aren't good enough, fast enough or just w

Worried about joining a new running club? You are by no means alone - this article might help ease some of those pre-joining fears so you can happily turn up to one of the Exmouth Running Clubs runs with happiness and confidence! First of all let's look at the reasons you might feel concerned; You don't know anyone and feel a little shy You are worried no one will talk to you You think you won't fit in You think we are all too fast and you can't keep up You are worried it will be too much for you Those are perhaps the top 5 reasons you might be thinking about NOT joining us so let's look at each scenario in turn and detail how we differ from other running clubs - this might help you overcome any concerns you might have and open up a bright new, happier, healthier future! You don't know anyone and feel a little shy Quite obvious really but unless you know someone already in Exmouth Running Club you will undoubtably be alone so here's how we can help you; Everyone, at some point, didn't know anyone else so we have really all been in the very same situation ourselves. We would want you settled in and making friends as soon as possible so when you are ready to join us we will give you the names of our run leaders who you can ask for on arrival and they will help you meet everyone else - don't worry over forgetting names - it takes a while and no one really gets upset if you ask "remind me please - what's your name again?". Everyone in our club is a friendly and personable individual and you WILL go home feeling a lot happier having taken the plunge! You are worried no one will talk to you When you first run with us you will be running with one of our qualified run leaders who have all, at some point, been the new kid on the block therefore it's our duty to ensure you are settled in to club life as fast as possible. We can assure you everyone will want to talk to you - shutting them up is another matter altogether. You think you won't fit in Exmouth Running Club is a completely FREE (club runs) group set up for runners who wish to improve their running for what ever reasons. This means we are all here for the singular purpose to improve our various abilities and general running fitness be you a novice or a speed demon. We have members from a wide range of backgrounds and all have their individual reasons for running with us and because it's free you are under no pressure to pay any fees and can come and go as you please. We all love running and that's why we are a dedicated running club so if you love running and want to run better then our club runs are ideal - we don't slog the pavements for miles on end with no real common goal! All our club runs are exercise runs geared toward improving fitness, style, stamina and did we mention fun? Not just mindless slogging away for miles and miles! The running we arrange for club run nights enable everyone to join in and are designed to test the more able runners the same way as the less able runners - if you're really, really good - you'll work harder! You think we are all too fast and you can't keep up This one above all is usually the main reason most won't join a club! We are a running club but our club runs aren't simply a case of continued and regimented pavement pounding - you can do that on your own or with your mates - our club runs are exercise runs and no-one gets left behind because they are carefully planned out for inclusivity and of course are run in accordance with English Athletics best practice. Each club run is geared toward stretching each members individual ability. More able runners will work that much harder but from day one you will be improving and in a short time your ability and fitness will increase meaning you will get the same work out as a new runner - you'll just need to work that much harder! You are worried it will be too much for you Our runs are ran in accordance with England Athletics by qualified Run Leaders who have been trained in accordance with EA best practice. This means that we plan and offer some guidance in running and improving ability. We recognise you might not be as able as other runners but you are making a start and that's exactly what we love about you - you have started your journey and that's the most important thing! Are you ready to start running with us? We are really looking forward to being with you as you begin your running journey. As a free club you don't need to pay up to run - you just TURN up to run! All our club runs are free for life - all we do is running! You are invited to our club run! To come to a free club run just click here (link opens a new window) Our Thursday club runs are followed by a SOCIAL at the BEACH PUB EXMOUTH - our second home. Would you like to come meet us before you take a run with us? We are normally there for around 8pm and have a table reserved so if you'd prefer to come chat with us first then this is the place!  

Useful local links guide for other websites in the Exmouth area

A selection of links to other website that you might find useful for visitors and locals to the town of Exmouth in South Devon.

More information about Exmouth Want to know more about what's happening in and around Exmouth? Exmouth SUP & Paddle Group Exmouth Harriers Tri Hards Community Interest Group

Exmouth Running Club Member Paul Gordon Hits His 50th Parkrun

Exmouth running club member Paul Gordon cracks the magical 50th Parkrun.

[Group photo banner] Well done to Member Paul Gordon! [Paul with medal] Saturday 27th August 2022 was no ordinary day down at the Exmouth Parkrun as Exmouth Running Club member Paul Gordon cracked his 50th Parkrun cheered on by members of the ERC, his wife Teresa & family and what an effort he made too! The Exmouth Parkrun is a weekly event held along Exmouth's beautiful seafront and is enjoyed by some 300 runners and countless spectators braving the early morning start in all weathers from baking sun to freezing rain. English Athletics Run Leader Derek Johnson began running with Paul as a one to one session for another club over two years ago and took Paul running every week without fail come rain, shine, sleet even snow for over one and a half years. Paul was Derek's "other" during the whole Coronavirus lockdown when we could venture out with one other from a different family. "Paul never once failed to turn up for his session every Tuesday evening like clockwork and no matter what the weather threw at us - he was there!". "The first night I met Paul most of the sea on the seafront was coming over the beach and it was wet and cold - a pretty dismal November evening as I recall." "Paul was always a capable runner from the start - speed and stamina was a work in progress but determination was 100% and here we are today proving the you really can achieve if you believe - he's truly an inspiration to our members." "These last few years I have grown to know Paul as a good friend and a very capable runner and we are so proud to see him achieve his 50th Parkrun - a truly well deserved milestone he's worked so very hard for." Since joining the Exmouth Running Club and taking part in our free runner training club nights we are delighted to witness Paul coming in from a 40 minute Parkrun all the way down to his last personal best of around 28 minutes for the 5K route - ask anyone who does the Parkrun - that's pretty amazing indeed! From everyone at Exmouth Running Club - WELL DONE MATE! [Family group photo]

Exmouth Running Club - Your Community Health Group

The Exmouth Running Club is a running group located in the Devon town of Exmouth and is geared towards improving health, fitness and social wellbeing for free.

We are the Exmouth Running Club Community Group Founded in 2022 the Exmouth Running Club is a community focused healthy living, social and activity sports group located in Exmouth South Devon.  Membership to the Exmouth Running Club is free of charge. We may make a small charge for certain activities if there are associated costs involved. Our club runs remain free of charge and open to all and we encourage other running clubs in the area to come join us if they would like one of our sessions. England Athletics & Exmouth Running Group We are following the best practice of England Athletics and our Run Leaders hold licences in Leadership in Running Fitness including Safeguarding, CRB Checks and of course FULL insurance. Take a look at the 'About Us" page to see our current leaders including licence numbers. ERC Performance Running Tee Shirts now available  

Park Run Warm Up

Saturday morning free to attend Park Run warm up session

Saturday Park Run Warm Up If you are a fan of the Exmouth Park Run why not join us for a pre-park run warm up! It's a 20 minute routine geared toward getting you ready for the Park Run no matter what pace you are currently at the warm up will get you limbered up and ready to do what you need to do! Post Park Run We do like to celebrate with a bacon bap and a coffee to reflect on our respective efforts so please do look out for us after the run and feel free to tag along! Location varies. Interested? Click here to join and take part All runs led by England Athletics qualified leaders in running fitness. All runs start with a recommended warm up session and end in a cool down session. The Exmouth Running Club is free to join and we ask anyone who wishes to run with us to register using the link above. Once registered you can book any advertised runs or group of runs. Looking forward to meeting you!

Exmouth Runners Group Club News

What's happening in the world of running and all the news from the Exmouth Running Club.

ERC News-desk

A list of 5 things you would never know about the colour orange

Here are a few facts about the colour orange that you thought you would never know or at least probably never really gave orange much attention - interested?

5 Interesting facts about the colour orange My suspicion is that you're now reading this article out of curiosity at the very least because after all - what's so special about orange that it warrants it's own article? According to Wikipedia Etymology. In English, the colour orange is named after the appearance of the ripe orange fruit. The word comes from the Old French: orange, from the old term for the fruit, pomme d'orange. Dear reader, allow me to Enlighten you! Aside from being the fundamental accent colour of the renowned Exmouth Running Club there's more to the colour orange than you might think or at least never really bothered to think so while you are here let's dive right in to the TOP 5 ORANGE FACTS! The artist Vincent Van Gogh used a lot of orange in his paintings, mixing yellow and red to create unique shades. Orange is the colour of safety equipment and prison jumpsuits because it’s highly visible. That's fantastic news as the weather turns darker and as runners we want to be seen right! The orange colour in fruits and vegetables comes from carotene. Carotene helps with night vision so here we are again at point 2 - running in the dark - very handy! The shade of orange on the Golden Gate Bridge is “international orange", which protects against rust from the ocean’s salt and moisture from the region’s fog. Might also protect runners from rusting but that's not really been proven. It's the fabulous colour of the Exmouth Running Club! A bit of history The orange color was used in art in ancient cultures. Ancient Egyptians used the realgar mineral to create orange paint for their tombs, and orpiment was used in illuminated manuscripts during the Medieval period. The orpiment mineral was used to make orange pigment and was a popular trade item in Ancient Rome and a type of medicine in China. The name “orange” was given to the colour in the 16th century - it was called “saffron” or “yellow-red” previously. When Portuguese merchants brought orange trees to Europe from Asia in the late 15th and early 16th centuries, the citrus fruit’s name was adopted for the general colour. The Meaning of the Colour Orange Some cultures regard orange as a sacred colour (Like us at Exmouth Running Club) because it balances red’s power and yellow’s perfection. Monks and holy men in some Asian religions, like Buddhism, wear orange robes because that dye has been readily available historically. Buddhists also connect orange to the highest state of illumination. Orange is the colour of transformation in Confucianism. Orange is also a symbol of royalty. The royal family in the Netherlands used to hold the principality of Orange as the House of Orange-Nassau, so orange is the country’s national colour. The Psychology of the Colour Orange Orange creates feelings of freshness, excitement and warmth. It’s connected to nature and changing seasons. Because orange has high energy and increases competitiveness, many sports teams choose orange for their branding. Orange also warns of danger and is used on safety equipment. Measuring the Colour Orange On the visible light spectrum, orange is between red and yellow with a dominant wavelength between 585 and 620 nanometers. A spectrophotometer can measure orange by separating light beams into their component wavelengths. It gathers numerical data about colour spaces and creates a spectral reflectance graph for the colour. The quality of the orange colour indicates the quality of the product. Fancy some orange in your life? Take a look at our running shop for some fantastic pieces of orange!

Support our local community interest running club

Help us change lives across Exmouth through fitness, running and comradeship by donating to our cause - to build happiness and health in our community.

Help us help our community Exmouth Running Club's objective is simply to improve the health both physically and mentally of the Exmouth & surrounding areas community and we want to make what we do completely FREE of charge to those people that need it most. Club runs will always be free We organise weekly mixed club runs which are totally free and they are led by licensed and qualified run leaders who hold insurance, DBS & Safeguarding certification issued by England Athletics. By keeping our club runs free we are actively encouraging our community to get involved, get healthy and promote a positive mental health that running or any exercise can achieve. Would you like to help out? Every penny we raise is plowed back in to the Exmouth community be that through training more run leaders to help us as we grow, affiliations, day to day costs and what's left is given to a community cause voted for by our members - we do NOT take anything for ourselves and our time is 100% voluntary. Our finances will be made public via a bi-annual newsletter which is of course public - as a community interest running group we feel it's important that we support the community by sharing our love of running with others and also supporting our community by donating surplus to a good cause that everyone in our town will appreciate. If you would like to contribute something however small it will be greatly appreciate and it WILL make a difference to our community. Please send donations via BACS to; Exmouth Running Club Account 30006705 Sort 04-00-04 Remember to add your name or company name so we can personally thank you! Encouraging donation & sponsorship Here's how we plan to invest all the money raised & our promise to you; Reasonable expenses (training other run leaders, club affiliation etc) Issuing financial statements for transparency on a bi-annual basis for all to see Returning back to the Exmouth community by supporting local good causes as voted by our members Here's how we raise finances; Encouraging donations however small from those who support our venture Sales of running kit (a small additional fee is added which goes directly to the club) Sponsorship & patronage from local business Specialist courses booked through us for a small fee Sponsorship opportunities We would love to receive sponsorship to support us and all sponsors will receive advertising space on our website. We do not push any discount schemes on those who help us as we understand in tough economic times giving a percentage away together with sponsorship is not fair - your support is enough! Our sponsors are also our community and we want to help our community by giving back to it! Our pledge to our community We are committed to changing the lives of our community through fitness, health & wellbeing - a healthy bi-product of the running we offer and club runs are and will remain free - that's why your help will always be very appreciated! If you would like to help us please contact us for more information & thank you!!!

Exmouth Running Club Policies

Exmouth Running Group terms & conditions, policies, privacy and insurance details.

Policies What insurance do our run leaders carry? What are our safeguarding policies (Adult & Child)? Who are England Athletics? Privacy Any information we store be it email or in any of the databases we run is retained under the provision of the General Data Protection Regulations or GDPR as detailed by the Information Commissionaire Office. We do not allow third parties to access any personal information we may retain in accordance with our privacy policy. Cookies We use Google analytics to track visitors to our website but the details Google has does not contain any personal identifying information. Want to know more about Google analytic cookies? Click here to view the Google cookies policy. We use cookies to enhance our user experience for this website but they are not personally identifiable to you and cannot be used by tracking cookies outside of our website.

Welcome to the Exmouth Running Club

The Exmouth Running Club inaugural welcome newsletter to all members now and in the future!

Welcome runners! The Exmouth Running Club is the new kid on the block in the beautiful south Devon seaside town of Exmouth and is geared to both ladies & gents who enjoy a good running session that's productive and fun. We fill the gap between the many social groups who offer a wider range of activities and the more serious clubs specialising in fast pace track, competition and events - a gateway if you will. Formed by a love of running and quality assured through England Athletics we develop running activities that are fun and functional improving fitness, strength, endurance and wellbeing. What will it cost to join? We plan to fund our group through sponsorship and donations to cover the basic costs associated with running a club of this nature. We will encourage local providers of services related to what we do to promote themselves in our club and they may charge a small fee for the activity but 100% of the money goes to them. OK What about the surplus cash? Runners who join us do so via our Run Together group (Group runs) and when we have surplus cash we will create a poll listing local good causes. Percentages of the votes for each cause will receive that percentage of the funds keeping it all very fair. Every six months we will publish our accounts for all to see - this way we can truly be giving something back to our community. Membership to YOU is FREE forever We have Run Leaders who carry both England Athletics licences and DBS certificates and in time we may train up more to help us sort out and support a program of runs for our members. All our runs are designed to build you up and maximise your potential as a runner - if it's in you, we'll get it out! Believe & Achieve! Have you hit a wall in your running? Just not feeling the love for it? Running with us is a chance to break down barriers both physically, mentally and socially by meeting likeminded runners who aspire to the same principles you do - to be their best! No judgement here! We are a mixed group - run together & socialise together - there's no judgement to be find and our running programs are marked according to minimum pace, distance and ability so you can choose the run that suits you best. Start slow and make your way up the scales until you've reached that running state of Zen! Sounds wonderful! How do I join you? Simply visit our EVENTS section for information on the next running meet and see you there!

How do you start running, what do I need to run and running groups

Have you ever wanted to start running but you're not too sure how to start, well, here's sum running advice and links to Exmouth Running Club that will help.

How do I start running? People come to running at all stages of life and at all levels and ability from totally your first time to a recovering ex-runner or "used" to run but hey - life gets in the way right? First and foremost we advise you consult your doctor to ensure that starting any exercise won't do you any harm - only good! Join a running club or group We are in Exmouth and we are FREE to join so if you are around - we are your club! Of course people move about but as we are free you can join any club you like and still run with us and the friends you will make here. How do I join the Exmouth Running Club Very easy - pop along here: https://exmouthrunningclub.uk register on one of our regular club runs and join us - it's that simple! Running kit you'll need To start off grab yourself a pair of running trainers. You don't need to break the bank - with experience and fitness you'll find out what suits you and then go spoil yourself! The Exmouth Running Club has a range of running tee shirts at a great price or simply pop to your local sports shop grab a tee and some shorts. So there you go - shorts, tee and some natty trainers - you are all set to start! Most runners get going with a Couch to 5K course - you can download the NHS App and go it alone if you wish or join one of your local running groups to get started. Fancy that? Visit: https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/exercise/running-and-aerobic-exercises/get-running-with-couch-to-5k/ and there's everything you need to know about getting going. Wearables, watches and dangly bits Once you are into your running the sky is the limit as far as wearable tech goes. You'll want to track distance, time and pace - then heart rate, then laps, then splits the list is endless - start within your budget and you can get a perfectly good running watch for around £50 it's up to you. Join our Strava group Exmouth Running Club has it's own Strava group here: https://exmouthrunningclub.uk so you can track progress with fellow runners - if you're not local to Exmouth just ask if your local group or club has its own Strava group.  

Exmouth running club is all about the challenge regardless of ability

Keeping your motivation is a tricky one for most runners that's why Exmouth running club believes in a positive approach to improving your general running fitne

Running - what's the point? Firstly, unless you've serious medical conditions, anyone can run but there in lays a problem - not everyone runs properly! It's the most natural thing in the world running - we are able to run simply because we need to run away from things with sharp teeth wanting to eat us. We are, or were a predated species and not as high on the food chain as we are now. Running dear readers - is survival! Benefits of running include: Fitness - it will make you fitter Weight loss - as long as you eat to run not run to eat it will help immensely Wellbeing - the effects on your mental health are staggering Immune system - with fitness comes a healthy immune system Friends - joining a running club creates lasting friendships With all those points in mind what stops people running? Firstly - it's really far too hard right? Well, no, actually if you are medically able you can start any time in life young or old and of course as with all exercise - we urge everyone to seek their doctors opinion before taking up any new sport. Those first few metres of a run can feel like very hard work - ask any new runner and they will tell you that but they're also likely to continue with the virtues of carrying on as they had until that hard work becomes something very enjoyable indeed. Running is always hard work but the pay off is more than worth the effort - ask any runner! Over time your efforts increase your fitness, decrease your weight (if that's why you started) and improve your mental state of mind and your social circle. The runner trap Once you start increasing distance it's tempting to just keep trying to push that distance but beware! Your body is BRILLIANT at adapting to change. It's how we become fitter, healthier and so on but this also has a problem - it will adapt to distance too. Your body is designed to keep you alive so it will adapt to its surroundings and that includes running. 5K becomes 10K, 10K becomes 20K and so on but it might not mean you're improving because your body will adapt to the runs at the expense of stamina - put simply your body doesn't want to expend valuable energy doing something it does all the time - the running trap! So what does Exmouth running club do differently? Our FREE CLUB RUNS are designed not as simply runs but as running exercises that say to the body "hey, you need to improve because this is out of the ordinary...". Each club run is more a running exercise made fun through carefully planned challenges aimed at improving your general stamina. Because of that it suits everyone as they are designed in such a way as to not leave anyone behind - the more able runners will simply do more of it but we all leave together and roughly arrive back together. Our club runs are designed to pull us all together as one running family to undertake a training run so we all return back to our various lives a little better and enjoy our runs with friends or other clubs - an improvement hub if you will. A typical running week for us is something like this: Monday - long, slow run day Tuesday - short, fast sprints day Wednesday - REST UP! Thursday - Exmouth Running Club challenges  Friday - REST UP! Saturday - Exmouth Park Run Sunday - REST UP! You make your own schedule but remember that REST is just as important as the running as it enables us to generate muscle fibres, repair damage and general rest ourselves! Benefits to Exmouth Running Club Did we say it was FREE? Yes our club runs are and always will be FREE to attend - we want our community to come together to become a fitter, happier and healthier place. Our Run Leaders hold qualifications gained through England Athletics (LiRF) which includes a certificate in Safeguarding. All our runs are designed to suit all abilities so no one feels left out or left behind - we aren't just covering distance so they are suitable for all abilities. You've got this! Our official club page & booking a run with us Our verified Strava club page

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Free online running pace calculators for runners in miles and kilometres.

Runners toolbox A little selection of running tools as we develop them or if they're already online we will pop a link to them here.

Exmouth Running Group

Our running group can be found in the beautiful seaside town of Exmouth in Devon and is run in accordance with England Athletics Leadership in Run Fitness.

Meet the team Hey! Are you a licensed run leader via England Athletics and live in Exmouth? Your runners need you! If you have some spare time and would like to lead a few runs for us we would love to hear from you - contact us for more information!

Monday Evening Easy 8km to 10km Club Run

A free to join easy run ideal as a base or as an active recovery.

It's the Monday club run! Every Monday evening is our weekly free to join club run. Expect a distance of 8km to 10km depending on the weather with various routes around Exmouth. These runs make an ideal active recovery session or perhaps a base session and are an ideal way to ease out of the weekend. Interested? Click here to join and take part All runs led by England Athletics qualified leaders in running fitness. All runs start with a recommended warm up session and end in a cool down session. The Exmouth Running Club is free to join and we ask anyone who wishes to run with us to register using the link above. Once registered you can book any advertised runs or group of runs. Looking forward to meeting you!

Thursday Morning Return to Running Group

Ideal for those returning to running after a time away or new runners looking to get back in to it.

Thursday Morning Return to Running Group Every Thursday morning is our weekly free to join return to running group. Led by England Athletics qualified run leader Karen Jones these runs are ideal for those wishing to return to running after perhaps an injury or a period away. It's also aimed at those who are very new to running who want something easier to get themselves back into running. Interested? Click here to join and take part All runs led by England Athletics qualified leaders in running fitness. All runs start with a recommended warm up session and end in a cool down session. The Exmouth Running Club is free to join and we ask anyone who wishes to run with us to register using the link above. Once registered you can book any advertised runs or group of runs. Looking forward to meeting you!

Kevin Palmer

Leadership in Run Fitness English Athletics licence number 3973069

Meet Kev I founded Exmouth Running Club based on my passion for inspiring and supporting others, to give themselves the belief that they can succeed, however big or small their goals are.  It is so inspiring to see people of all ages, all sizes, male and female all out there, giving it a go.  I have many other interests outside of running but running is my passion. I participate in numerous race events throughout the year and am a regular at Parkrun, you might have even seen me pacing. I started out on my own Couch to 5k programme, it wasn’t easy at first, small hills seemed like mountains. I had to keep stopping but gradually, after gaining determination and belief, I moved up to 10k. I then progressed to improve my distance and speed up to my favourite event distance, the 1/2 marathon. You can do it too, you just need to ‘believe to achieve'.
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A running group dedicated to all runners and running clubs in Exmouth Devon.

The Exmouth Runners is all about you and what you love - running. Our aim is to bring together everyone who runs in and around Exmouth in Devon regardless of club or association into one forum where they can share their club activities, their runs, their events and perhaps meet new friends in an open, fun and friendly atmosphere.

This group is not linked to any club in the area but rather it exists through our passion for running.

Join us for free here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/exmouthrunners

No affiliation to Exmouth Running Club