Help us help our community

Supporting Exmouth Running ClubExmouth Running Club's objective is simply to improve the health both physically and mentally of the Exmouth & surrounding areas community and we want to make what we do completely FREE of charge to those people that need it most.

Club runs will always be free

We organise weekly mixed club runs which are totally free and they are led by licensed and qualified run leaders who hold insurance, DBS & Safeguarding certification issued by England Athletics.

By keeping our club runs free we are actively encouraging our community to get involved, get healthy and promote a positive mental health that running or any exercise can achieve.

Would you like to help out?

Every penny we raise is plowed back in to the Exmouth community be that through training more run leaders to help us as we grow, affiliations, day to day costs and what's left is given to a community cause voted for by our members - we do NOT take anything for ourselves and our time is 100% voluntary.

Our finances will be made public via a bi-annual newsletter which is of course public - as a community interest running group we feel it's important that we support the community by sharing our love of running with others and also supporting our community by donating surplus to a good cause that everyone in our town will appreciate.

If you would like to contribute something however small it will be greatly appreciate and it WILL make a difference to our community.

Please send donations via BACS to;

  • Exmouth Running Club
  • Account 30006705
  • Sort 04-00-04

Remember to add your name or company name so we can personally thank you!

Encouraging donation & sponsorship

Here's how we plan to invest all the money raised & our promise to you;

  1. Reasonable expenses (training other run leaders, club affiliation etc)
  2. Issuing financial statements for transparency on a bi-annual basis for all to see
  3. Returning back to the Exmouth community by supporting local good causes as voted by our members

Here's how we raise finances;

  1. Encouraging donations however small from those who support our venture
  2. Sales of running kit (a small additional fee is added which goes directly to the club)
  3. Sponsorship & patronage from local business
  4. Specialist courses booked through us for a small fee

Sponsorship opportunities

We would love to receive sponsorship to support us and all sponsors will receive advertising space on our website. We do not push any discount schemes on those who help us as we understand in tough economic times giving a percentage away together with sponsorship is not fair - your support is enough!

Our sponsors are also our community and we want to help our community by giving back to it!

Our pledge to our community

We are committed to changing the lives of our community through fitness, health & wellbeing - a healthy bi-product of the running we offer and club runs are and will remain free - that's why your help will always be very appreciated!

If you would like to help us please contact us for more information & thank you!!!

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