Meet Kev

I founded Exmouth Running Club based on my passion for inspiring and supporting others, to give themselves the belief that they can succeed, however big or small their goals are.  It is so inspiring to see people of all ages, all sizes, male and female all out there, giving it a go.  I have many other interests outside of running but running is my passion. I participate in numerous race events throughout the year and am a regular at Parkrun, you might have even seen me pacing.

I started out on my own Couch to 5k programme, it wasn’t easy at first, small hills seemed like mountains. I had to keep stopping but gradually, after gaining determination and belief, I moved up to 10k. I then progressed to improve my distance and speed up to my favourite event distance, the 1/2 marathon.

You can do it too, you just need to ‘believe to achieve'.

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