Meet Derek

Club coffee boy supporting Kevin Palmer

I have always been a runner, from school through the services. I have competed in such events as Run to the Rock, Gibraltar, Joint Services Snowdon Challenge and many more, eventually qualifying June 2019 as a Run Leader via England Athletics.

As a run leader I have undertaken many new runners 5K courses, 5K improver courses, 5k to 10k improver courses and have worked for over a year and half through Covid Lockdown on a one to one project with a runner whom has special needs and they have now become a very capable runner and active club member with something in common to us all - we all love running regardless of ability, background or social boundary!

Everyone gets older and let's face it - the older I get the faster I was but I have never really fallen out of love with running save for a few weeks here and there when injury or bad luck struck. 

I see Exmouth running club as a catalyst to not only get people out running and with it improve their fitness and wellbeing but also to help and encourage people, who like myself, from time to to time just fall out of love with running.

Believe & Achieve!

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