How do I start running?How do I start running?

People come to running at all stages of life and at all levels and ability from totally your first time to a recovering ex-runner or "used" to run but hey - life gets in the way right?

First and foremost we advise you consult your doctor to ensure that starting any exercise won't do you any harm - only good!

Join a running club or group

We are in Exmouth and we are FREE to join so if you are around - we are your club! Of course people move about but as we are free you can join any club you like and still run with us and the friends you will make here.

How do I join the Exmouth Running Club

Very easy - pop along here: register on one of our regular club runs and join us - it's that simple!

Running kit you'll need

To start off grab yourself a pair of running trainers. You don't need to break the bank - with experience and fitness you'll find out what suits you and then go spoil yourself!

The Exmouth Running Club has a range of running tee shirts at a great price or simply pop to your local sports shop grab a tee and some shorts.

So there you go - shorts, tee and some natty trainers - you are all set to start!

Most runners get going with a Couch to 5K course - you can download the NHS App and go it alone if you wish or join one of your local running groups to get started.

Fancy that? Visit: and there's everything you need to know about getting going.

Wearables, watches and dangly bits

Once you are into your running the sky is the limit as far as wearable tech goes. You'll want to track distance, time and pace - then heart rate, then laps, then splits the list is endless - start within your budget and you can get a perfectly good running watch for around £50 it's up to you.

Join our Strava group

Exmouth Running Club has it's own Strava group here: so you can track progress with fellow runners - if you're not local to Exmouth just ask if your local group or club has its own Strava group.


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