Worried about joining a new running club?

You are by no means alone - this article might help ease some of those pre-joining fears so you can happily turn up to one of the Exmouth Running Clubs runs with happiness and confidence!

First of all let's look at the reasons you might feel concerned;

  1. You don't know anyone and feel a little shy
  2. You are worried no one will talk to you
  3. You think you won't fit in
  4. You think we are all too fast and you can't keep up
  5. You are worried it will be too much for you

Those are perhaps the top 5 reasons you might be thinking about NOT joining us so let's look at each scenario in turn and detail how we differ from other running clubs - this might help you overcome any concerns you might have and open up a bright new, happier, healthier future!

Exmouth Running Club

You don't know anyone and feel a little shy

Quite obvious really but unless you know someone already in Exmouth Running Club you will undoubtably be alone so here's how we can help you;

Everyone, at some point, didn't know anyone else so we have really all been in the very same situation ourselves. We would want you settled in and making friends as soon as possible so when you are ready to join us we will give you the names of our run leaders who you can ask for on arrival and they will help you meet everyone else - don't worry over forgetting names - it takes a while and no one really gets upset if you ask "remind me please - what's your name again?".

Everyone in our club is a friendly and personable individual and you WILL go home feeling a lot happier having taken the plunge!

You are worried no one will talk to you

When you first run with us you will be running with one of our qualified run leaders who have all, at some point, been the new kid on the block therefore it's our duty to ensure you are settled in to club life as fast as possible.

We can assure you everyone will want to talk to you - shutting them up is another matter altogether.

You think you won't fit in

Exmouth Running Club is a completely FREE (club runs) group set up for runners who wish to improve their running for what ever reasons. This means we are all here for the singular purpose to improve our various abilities and general running fitness be you a novice or a speed demon.

We have members from a wide range of backgrounds and all have their individual reasons for running with us and because it's free you are under no pressure to pay any fees and can come and go as you please.

We all love running and that's why we are a dedicated running club so if you love running and want to run better then our club runs are ideal - we don't slog the pavements for miles on end with no real common goal! All our club runs are exercise runs geared toward improving fitness, style, stamina and did we mention fun?

Not just mindless slogging away for miles and miles!

The running we arrange for club run nights enable everyone to join in and are designed to test the more able runners the same way as the less able runners - if you're really, really good - you'll work harder!

You think we are all too fast and you can't keep up

This one above all is usually the main reason most won't join a club!

We are a running club but our club runs aren't simply a case of continued and regimented pavement pounding - you can do that on your own or with your mates - our club runs are exercise runs and no-one gets left behind because they are carefully planned out for inclusivity and of course are run in accordance with English Athletics best practice.

Each club run is geared toward stretching each members individual ability. More able runners will work that much harder but from day one you will be improving and in a short time your ability and fitness will increase meaning you will get the same work out as a new runner - you'll just need to work that much harder!

You are worried it will be too much for you

Our runs are ran in accordance with England Athletics by qualified Run Leaders who have been trained in accordance with EA best practice. This means that we plan and offer some guidance in running and improving ability. We recognise you might not be as able as other runners but you are making a start and that's exactly what we love about you - you have started your journey and that's the most important thing!

Are you ready to start running with us?

We are really looking forward to being with you as you begin your running journey. As a free club you don't need to pay up to run - you just TURN up to run! All our club runs are free for life - all we do is running!

You are invited to our club run!

To come to a free club run just click here (link opens a new window)

Our Thursday club runs are followed by a SOCIAL at the BEACH PUB EXMOUTH - our second home. Would you like to come meet us before you take a run with us? We are normally there for around 8pm and have a table reserved so if you'd prefer to come chat with us first then this is the place!


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